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It’s all her fault!


So we decided to do some digging and try to figure out WHY Evanston has a culture that seems to be simply uneager to embrace late night food. As many of you may know, Evanston is a city with a history deeply rooted in a tradition of prohibition, and was actually a “dry” city until the 1970s, in part due to an amendment in Northwestern’s charter in 1853. This amendment prohibited the sale of alcohol within 4 miles of the university, and had a serious impact on the social development of the city.

Now, this lovely lady above me, friends, is one Miss Frances Willard. Miss Willard is best known for her involvement with the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, an organization founded in Evanston in 1873 and best known for spearheading the prohibition movement. Miss Willard was a driving force in keeping the town dry, clearly not knowing how her efforts would affect those of us looking for a little something to eat at 3 a.m. over 100 years later. The bars in the city have clearly come to their senses, and broken free from Willard’s grasp – now it’s time for restaurants to do the same!


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Boston: The Hong Kong’s Hot Teriyaki

In Boston, there is a shady bar in Faneuil Hall called the Hong Kong. Apparently they have a full menu, but I didn’t know that until I looked at their website 5 minutes ago. What I do remember is that they have scorpion bowls and chicken teriyaki. Teriyaki girls (or maybe boys, too, my memory is kind of fuzzy on that) walk around the bar selling chicken teriyaki on a stick for a buck, and then stand right outside waiting for the mass of people when the bars shut down at the obscenely early hour of 2 am. And I’m told your options also extend to include the ever popular beef teriyaki – however you’ll have to cough up an extra 50 cents.

The best thing is that you don’t have to make any decisions for late night food, because it’s right there in the bar and you don’t even have to move – they come to you. No need to search for food, no need to worry about where you might eat at the end of the night. Now imagine if a bar in Evanston took that concept and flew with it. Put some finger food on a stick and sell via the shot girl concept after your kitchen is officially “closed.” And then you hit them up again after last call – on their way out. Late night food problem solved.

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